Terms of use

Given the inability to read all messages, 'Charming Postcards' and her administrator disclaim any liability for misuse of this service.
Through misuse is understood used in any of the sections of the form, vulgar or offensive language, content with hatred, racism or discrimination.
The messages are personal between sender and recipient. 'Charming Postcards' and her administrator decline any responsability for the improper use of messages outside the web space both sender and recipient and third parties that may have access to them (eg social networks).
If you disagree with the appearance of the message, you can request its disappearance sending an email contact, providing the URL of the page to delete. Your email must be one of the two that appear on the postcard. In any case, the deletion will not be instantaneous and can take several days.
Likewise, the site administration may decide to delete postcards they exceed at least a few months of presence in the blog so you are advised to download the page if you want to keep it.
'Charming Postcards' administration in any case NOT will use the emails contained in the messages both personally and for the benefit of others.